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Expo Ferroviaria
EXPO Ferroviaria covers all aspects of railway technology. It provides a showcase for manufacturers in the major fields of rolling stock technology, track and infrastructure and signalling and communications.
3/10/2023 - 5/10/2023


The transmission cable must be robust and mobile and is therefore strengthened with specially developed reinforcements. At the same time, the microwaves must be transferred from the generator to the antenna in the applicator with minimal energy losses. The cables are therefore strengthened with special reinforcements to make them crush-resistant. The materials used in the cable are also selected to meet the requirements for medical use, above all for sterilisation. Properties such as coolability and the diameter of the transmission cable likewise play a major role in the cable selection process.

Low-loss transmission cables
A low-loss microwave cable is the key component in a transmission cable. In addition to minimal losses in the cable, flexibility, haptics and weight are other important factors. Since the cables also come into contact with the patient, they should also not become hot if possible. HUBER+SUHNER Sucoflex cables are used for this application.

Cable connectors
The connection of the transmission cable to the generator must ensure that power can be transmitted while also withstanding a high number of connection cycles with the generator. The connector must be easy to use while also ensuring a high level of connection reliability.

Interface connectors
The connection between the transmission cable and applicator is often located in a special unit mounted on the operating table. Easy, fast handling, even when using the applicator with medical gloves, is a central requirement for the ergonomic properties of this radio frequency connector, in addition to its electrical properties.

Hybrid cable assemblies
In addition to microwave transmission, other connections may be integrated in the transmission cable, such as signal cables for a wide range of sensors. HUBER+SUHNER works with customers to develop complete cable assemblies with hybrid connectors which are both compact and can also withstand high mechanical forces .

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