MW based diagnostics

Microwave technology is used, among other things, for rapid diagnosis after a stroke as an alternative to a CT or MRI scan. This diagnosis can be made while the patient is still in the ambulance. Depending on the type of stroke (ischemic clots or haemorrhagic bleeds), the correct treatment can then be initiated to minimise the damage suffered by the brain itself. For this application, several radio frequency antennas are used to generate an image of the patent's head.

Minibend assemblies
Minibend cable assemblies are the perfect cabling solutions for microwave tomography. The special cable design with steel braiding, means that the cable can be routed perfectly in very small spaces inside devices with very small bending radii. HUBER+SUHNER can supply minibend solutions for frequencies up to 67 GHz.

Multicoax solutions
In microwave tomography, a special solution featuring multicoax cables is used that features multiple microwave cables and signal cables bundled together. High flexibility and a large number of bending cycles are the main requirements for these cables.