DesignCon 2020
DesignCon 2020
Precision, reliability and repeatability are key characteristics for connectivity products in the test and measurement industry. New emerging applications are continuously pushing the technological boundaries of interconnect test solutions in terms of speed, bandwidth, density and performance.
28/1/2020 - 30/1/2020
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Wireless and cellular connectivity

Wireless and cellular connectivity
Smart Ships is a term which is commonly used today in the marketplace to include wireless transmission on ships, required for monitoring, controlling and communicating with other devices. Putting documentation and maintenance on a digital platform simplifies daily operations significantly, while also reducing costs.

As public WiFi has become expected on passenger ships, vessels hosting passengers also require information systems and other services to support the customer’s needs.

Providing good coverage on a ship can be very challenging, however, as the metallic construction puts high electrical requirements on the used components and operation at sea increases requirements in terms of water tightness, specifically on salt water resistance. In order to build a reliable network, both electrical and environmental tests have to be passed and secured.
The main priorities for antenna cabling is easy installation, flexibility, low losses and the ability to fulfil environmental requirements, such as water tightness, oil and gas, and radiation resistance.

HUBER+SUHNER has a large portfolio of products satisfying these requirements, providing excellent performance and ensuring a long operation.

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