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28/8/2019 - 31/8/2019
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NGR9 – base rack

NGR9 – base rack

The NGR9 (Next Generation Rack) distribution cabinet was designed as an open ETS-frame (C frame) for managing passive optical components. With a standard height of 2200 mm, the NGR has a capacity of 1920 fibers using telescopic fiber tray units. Specific installations such as the break-out termination unit (BTU900) or the customer termination shelf (CTS) allows optimal expansion to all known network conditions. An integrated, easy-access patch cord management facilitates patch cord over length within the NGR. Due to its compact dimensions of 300 × 900 × 2200 mm, this distribution frame excels in applications where small to  medium-sized fiber density is required, such as FTTH POP stations. Because of its flexible C-shape design, scaling up the NGR to higher densities can be achieved by side-by-side mounting.


• For termination of more than 3000 fibers
• Robust steel metal construction with optimised depth of 300 mm
• C-shaped base rack with rear-mounted 19" rails (ETS) for front access sub-racks
• Cable mounting plates and cable brackets for fixing cables or loose-tubes
• Removable side walls, back walls and doors with spring bolts
• Convenient patch cord management with generous storage possibilities
• Fine levelling with height adjustable feet
• Multiple variants for storing, routing and cross-connecting fiber optic patch cords
• Integrated bend radius limiter: 35 mm for fibers and patch cords, 45 mm for loose-tubes

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