EuCAP 2023
EuCAP 2023
At EuCAP 2023 confernece, Alejandro Tejero Garcia Technical Lead Engineer in Antennas at HUBER+SUHNER will speak about High-Efficiency Injection-Molded Waveguide Horn Antenna Array for 76-81 GHz for Automotive Radar Applications.
26/3/2023 - 31/3/2023
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Railway Solutions
HUBER+SUHNER is the leading supplier of cables and cable systems and offers application-specific connectivity solutions for the construction of modern railway vehicles and related infrastructure. The requirements of today's rail industry include high levels of safety, reliability, energy efficiency and comfort. Moreover, rail passengers are being offered an increasing number of extras such as information services and Internet access.

Products from HUBER+SUHNER are specially developed to meet the requirements of the railway sector based on three different technologies: Low Frequency, Radio Frequency and Fiber Optics. For all three technologies HUBER+SUHNER provides customised kits and pre-assembled cable systems.

HUBER+SUHNER is your partner for all solutions in connected mobility, including cable systems and high quality conventional wire and cable wire solutions.

Connected Mobility and cable systems
As systems become ever more sophisticated and passenger comfort and entertainment are key drivers in increasing rail attractiveness, the worlds of communication and railway need to be brought together – after all, connected mobility is all about connecting people and connecting trains. Covering passengers, rail staff and railway operations as well as various aspects of high speed data communication systems, HUBER+SUHNER offers the appropriate connectivity solutions for your individual requirements with its extensive range of products.

Cable and wire solutions
In the field of cables, HUBER+SUHNER provides constant optimisation of well-positioned products, such as the RADOX® railway cables. At the same time the development of new, successful product families is purposefully advanced to address the ever-increasing demands of the railway industry, both now and in the future. Our extensive group-wide knowledge benefits all segments of the railway market: from underground trains and tramways, to locomotives as well as urban and high-speed trains.