Trackside infrastructure

Trackside infrastructure
All remote devices and systems along the tracks or within stations contribute to safe and efficient train operations. These equipment are generating condition data which the train operators control centers have permanent and real-time access to. This is currently seen as the most efficient way to ensure fast intervention time when failures occur and have to be fixed rapidly. It also enables implementing condition-based maintenance resulting in reduction of overall maintenance costs and systems downtimes.

Therefore the availability of a reliable communication network carrying the condition data from the remote equipment to the control center becomes instrumental control center.

HUBER+SUHNER provides all the components needed to build the optical communication network infrastructure transporting the condition data of remote devices. Since this involves outdoor applications for rail operation, HUBER+SUHNER products meet a wide variety of requirements:

Product features
  • Reliable operation even under harsh environmental conditions
  • Resistant to extremely high or low temperatures
  • Vibration and shock-resistant
  • Compliant with fire protection requirements of the railway market (IEC or customer specific standards)
  • High degree of water ingress protection (IP67/68)

Depending on the country, city, etc., rail operators have differing requirements for their network's components. HUBER+SUHNER therefore offers:

  • Support in finding the right products
  • Customer and project-specific products
  • Customer and project-specific tests
  • Support during implementation
  • Customer service

You can find detailed information about our services in our service section.

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