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In-carriage solutions

In-carriage solutions
Increased complexity in train systems has increased car body wiring. This in turn impacts on the space required for extra wiring and increases weight, which has an adverse affect on performance and cost of ownership. This means that wiring the individual components is becoming increasingly challenging. Under these conditions, the use of thinwall and lightweight cables is essential to meet the technical challenges of the market while simultaneously reducing the amount of combustible material and thus potential fire hazard.

To transmit signals and power within the train, HUBER+SUHNER has been developing, constructing and manufacturing an extensive range of single cores, multicore cables and inter-vehicle jumper systems for many years. Bulk cables are just as much a part of the offering as pre-assembled cables or customer-specific cable systems. All products are completely halogen free, non-toxic, low-smoke, and resistant to abrasion and fire. Therefore, they provide a very high degree of safety for all passengers throughout the entire life cycle of the rail vehicle.

Application areas
  • Driver's desk
  • Traction motors
  • Air conditioning
  • Control and safety equipment
  • Bogie
  • Complete coach harnesses
  • Control panels and cubicles
  • Lighting systems
  • Inter-vehicle systems

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