MTP® connectors

MTP® connectors

MTP® is a connector designed for high-density patching.  The colour-coded housings show the differentiated fiber types, polish types and/or connector grades. Our boot colouring offers a fast identification during installation with regards to fiber count. Removable housing allows quick gender change and easy re-polishing.

High fiber count guarantees low space consumption in ducts and racks. The patented floating MT ferrule design ensures fiber contact integrity. The elliptical guide pin tip enhances mating abilities. The high precision guide pins combined with a tightly controlled ferrule design from US Conec provide optimized alignment for superior performance . The MTP brand connector components are fully compliant with IEC Standard 61754-7 and TIA 604-5 – Type MPO.


  • High fiber count per connector guarantees low space consumption in ducts and racks
  • Floating ferrule design optimises physical contact
  • Elliptical guide pin tip enhances mating abilities
  • Removable housing allows for quick gender change and easy re-polishing
  • High precision guide pins improve alignment and performance
  • Push-pull functionality facilitates user-friendliness

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