LANline Tech Forum 2023
LANline Tech Forum 2023
LANline Tech Forum: Focuses - Cabling, Networks and Infrastructure! 
26/9/2023 - 27/9/2023

Engineering services

Engineering services

Whatever the vehicle, system or application, HUBER+SUHNER has been developing intelligent and innovative products that meet the individual requirements of a range of railway applications for many years.

Not only does HUBER+SUHNER supply suitable components, it also provides its customers with a range of services which extend over the entire added value chain.
In addition to purchasing, logistics, product tests, training and technical support, an extensive package of design and engineering services is also available.

A whole host of application engineers provide customer support on site. HUBER+SUHNER supplies complete solutions including feasibility studies, project management, installation supervision and final tests.

HUBER+SUHNER can offer advice on network architecture and security, product selection and placement, calculation of wireless coverage and much more for both wired and wireless networks.
Feasibility studies
Assess if the required project-specific system can be manufactured and will deliver performance according to the desired specifications.

Antenna positioning recommendation
Define the best antenna mounting locations to achieve optimal radio system performance, taking into consideration the available real-estate on the roof of the train.

Antenna radiation pattern simulation
Characterise the impact of the antenna surroundings on its original radiation pattern.

Customer-specific accessory designs (e.g. mounting brackets)
Design of specific accessories that enable the mounting of standard components (e.g. antennas) on existing equipment or trains.

Subsystem integration
Design and manufacturing of a basic electrical or electronic subsystem at customer’s request.
Management of national and international projects

Installation management
Managing the physical installation of a system on a train or trackside by HUBER+SUHNER or by subcontracted installation teams. Planning of availability of manpower on time on site.

Supply product bundles (including third party items), manage related stock, procure and deliver a functional set rather than stand-alone products on site. Find more information in logistic & kitting
Tests according to customer and project-specific criteria
Movement test rigs, environmental test facilities, electrical or optical test stations

Site surveys / RF propagation studies
Simulation and measuring of actual electromagnetic field propagation in complex environments (e.g. tunnels) for optimal network planning
Aftersales services
Performance verification studies
Testing and consulting for used connectivity systems (e.g. inter-vehicle jumper systems)
Turnkey solutions
HUBER+SUHNER is capable of designing and delivering complete systems, starting from customer requirements ending with acceptance tests after deployment.

Service at a glance:
  • Tender phase
  • Design
  • Project management
  • RAMS and EMI/EMC
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Maintenance
Wired networks
Based on its long years of experience in the railway market HUBER+SUHNER provides a broad range of services to build train-borne wired networks.

Service at a glance:
  • Network architecture
  • Network configuration
  • Performance and optimisation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cyber security
Wireless networks
Whether it is about train-borne or train-to-ground networks HUBER+SUHNER is capable to support concept and set up of wireless networks.

Service at a glance:
  • Wireless system design
  • Radio coverage
  • Frequency planning
  • Site survey
  • Link budgetoptimisation
  • On-site system validation
RF specialised services
Based on its long years of experience in radio frequency products HUBER+SUHNER supports its clients with a range of radio frequency specific services.

Service at a glance:
  • Radio propagation study
  • Interference mitigation
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Antenna positioning
  • Radiation pattern simulation