Home appliances

Home appliances

Connecting solid-state amplifiers with cooking cavities in home appliances calls for connectivity optimised for very high volume production and supporting the assembly processes of the appliance manufacturers. This way, not only connectors, cables and antennas themselves fulfil cost targets, but the design also speed and reliability of the appliance manufacturer’s assembly process. 

HUBER+SUHNER provides products to its customers, which are developed to fulfill these needs. Products are typically designed such that they can compensate mechanical tolerances and provide excellent performance. Besides coaxial connectivity, alternatives including wave guide launchers with flexible waveguides or  direct antenna implementation on modules are also in focus. Products for home appliances are typically customer specific and not off-the shelf components. 

Besides the trend of changing the RF-power source to solid state, the IOT trend has become very important for home appliances. Thus products allowing connecting the appliance to wireless or wired networks have become more and more important. For this purpose, HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of cables, antennas, connectors and adaptors, including antennas dedicated for use in customer housings.


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