Professional cooking

Professional cooking

Similarly to home appliances, solid state amplifiers will bring a lot of additional features to professional cooking. HUBER+SUHNER provides the best solution for connecting the RF amplifiers with the cooking cavity and other building blocks. Using proper connectivity increases not only reliability, but also helps to get the best possible field distribution in the cooking cavity and thus the best cooking results. For professional application, there is additional focus on life time and reliability. Furthermore, mounting concepts support easy assembling and disassembling in the field, allowing for simple and fast repairs of the appliance. 

Connecting professional cooking devices to each other, or to a cloud by the means of wired or wireless networks becomes an important additional aspect. HUBER+SUHNER provides cables, connectors and antennas, including engineering services. Depending on the requirements, solutions allow for very high temperatures, miniaturisation, very high data throughput, or other unique product features. 

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