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RFEX Connector

RFEX Connector

The first connector dedicated to RF-Energy. RFEX is available for integration into your RF-Energy modules.
The RFEX connector has a direct interface with the PCB and is integrated in the amplifier housing. This allows reducing cost, minimizing EMC issues and allows for a compact design.


RF power handling and performance
The RFEX is designed to handle the required high power levels at lowest possible losses. Additional heat generation in transitions can be avoided, and very high reliability and long life time of amplifiers is supported.

Excellent shielding
Integrating the coaxial structure into the housing body eliminates gaps caused by separate mounted connectors, or feedthroughs. This way, sources for RF-leakage causing EMC issues are reduced to the minimum possible. 

Achieving the industry‘s cost targets
The RFEX is directly integrated in the amplifiers housing, significantly reducing the number of piece parts. Further, the amplifier modules’ assembly process is simplified and streamlined to provide lowest possible cost of ownership.

Direct integration of antenna
The antenna is directly implemented on the topside of the RFEX. As of today, antennas for connecting rectangular waveguides, dielectric filled waveguides, or cooking cavities, or a standard interface (e.g. N-type) for connecting cables are supported.

PCB space reduced to a minimum
The PCB-footprint is reduced to the minimum possible. This way, compact designs RF-Energy modules are supported, and cost are reduced additionally. Higher integration densities in applications can be realized.  

Deviating from 50 Ω impedance
RFEX supports impedances lower than 50 Ω. This way, the transistor output matching can be simplified (lower cost),  bandwidth can be increased, and losses can be reduced.