DesignCon 2020
DesignCon 2020
Precision, reliability and repeatability are key characteristics for connectivity products in the test and measurement industry. New emerging applications are continuously pushing the technological boundaries of interconnect test solutions in terms of speed, bandwidth, density and performance.
28/1/2020 - 30/1/2020
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Providing flexibility for RF energy
To benefit from the features that RF energy can provide to applications, in most cases two or more amplifiers are required. This also requires RF-connectivity for two or more RF-channels, and connecting the application at the right geometrical point. 

One example for this is an oven equipped with RF energy. Feeding points into the cooking cavity need to be distributed such that the modes can be changed for optimal cooking. 

The combination of RFEX connectors and polymer supported waveguides provides the flexibility of routing the RF-output-signals through applications. The direct integrated RFEX additionally supports shielding of the amplifier housing, and thus minimizing EMC issues to a minimum. Cables and standard RF-connectors are eliminated for increased power levels, lower losses, and low cost. 

RFEX and polymer supported waveguides are also perfectly suitable for non-cooking applications. For example, they can be combined with coaxial cables for lighting and ignition applications, or power combiners can be directly included for industrial applications, where the additional higher power levels require power combining of several units.

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