PMRexpo digital
PMRexpo digital
The fair is an ideal setting for identifying new trends, getting to know the latest innovations in the field of professional secure communications.  Visit our virtual booth and discover our holistic solutions intended for indoor, outdoor and vehicle professional communication applications. 
24/11/2020 - 26/11/2020
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Multi Channel

Multi Channel

With continually increasing data-rates, driven by trends such as big data, IoT (Internet of things), connected mobility, social and medical software platforms and many others, the processing power and complexity of semiconductor and hardware solutions requires successive adaptation. As bandwidth and speeds required increase, a larger and larger fraction of signals requires SI analysis, and only through the highest precision measurement solutions can semiconductor development and signal integrity specialists optimise the electrical performance of wires and other packaging structures used to move signals about within an electronic product.

HUBER+SUHNER is offers a broad range of high end RF test components and assemblies, developed and optimised for high speed digital testing. We stand for highest density, lowest loss and highest performance coaxial-to-PCB transitions and cabling solutions. Our solutions include extensive technical support, libraries of 3D files, electrical modelling data and customer-specific optimised footprints. With our unique, single channel MMPX solution measurements up to 80GBps (80GHz) are possible while our MXP multicoax solutions allow 8 or 16 channel measurements up to 18, 40 or 50 GBps.

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