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Multi-dwelling units

Multi-dwelling units
The most efficient way to install FTTH in a MDU or multi-apartment building is achieved by using a pre-connectorised solution. This eliminates the need for using special expertise crews and the need for tricky splice or fiber termination work in unsuitable environments. This is achieved by simply screwing the box to a wall on the desired floor and pulling the pre-connectorised cable to the basement entry point through a riser duct and connecting it at the bottom of the building.

In one day, an entire MDU can be made ready for subscribers to be connected once they sign the contract. They can then be connected using pre-terminated in-home cables with integrated overlength storage or using a field terminated connector. In some countries, the building distribution point is situated on the roof and the individual apartments are cabled from the outside. When this scenario occurs, the wall outlet inside is connected by drilling a hole.

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