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Aerial P2P links

Aerial P2P links
Aerial distribution networks often have to endure extreme environmental conditions. Installation and maintenance work therefore need to be managed quickly and easily using pre-connectorised harsh connector solutions. During the installation phase, a connection is spanned from the fiber concentration point to the Masterline Ultimate (MLU) enclosure on the last pole near the homes. This is achieved either with an ADSS cable or a spiral carrier on a steel tension cable holding an outdoor fiber cable. During the second phase, new subscribers are attached with a pre-connectorised jumper cable plugged into a spare fiber port which is then spanned to their homes. At the Building Entry Point (BEP), the overlength can be kept in an overlength box and connected to the in-home optical network. Alternatevily, the overlength can be cut and spliced . 1, 2 and 4 fiber distributions per home are supported.

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