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HDPO - high density blade organiser

The high density blade organiser is a 2U high chassis which can be positioned above or below a switch and allows up to 512 harnessed LC duplex ports to be presented with minimal space consumption and air-flow disruption.

The HDBO has a total of 8 × slot positions for either cartridges or fan-outs (4 left/4 right). These slots are designed to correspond with the blade positions of the switch so that pre-connectorised tails can be routed directly from the HDBO into their respective port locations. The chassis is 600 mm deep and can be installed by one person thanks to detachable brackets which can be mounted to the rear rails of the rack before the chassis is fixed.

There are two types of HDBO chassis available. Customers can choose an HDBO which facilitates a closed cartridge system or alternatively an open ruggedised fan-out approach.

HDBO - cartridge system

HDBO - cartridge system

The sealed cartridge system is designed with MTP adapters presented at the rear and LC duplex fan-out tails exiting through the front aperture. This approach offers a flexible link design because MTP backbone or horizontal cables can be installed before active blades or cartridges are added.

HDBO - open fan-out system

HDBO - open fan-out system

The fan-out approach allows individual fan-outs to be routed directly from the centralised optical distribution rack to the switch without any additional connections in the link. This approach offers less flexibility than the cartridge system but provides customers with lower link losses between the MDA and switching area. Fan-outs can be supplied with any connector type but generally the LC-XD type (duplex, uniboot and push-pull with extraction finger) is recommended because even in the highest density applications, it is significantly faster and easier to add and remove connections than any other product on the market.

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