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4/6/2019 - 6/6/2019
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EDR - equipment distribution rack accessories

EDR - equipment distribution rack accessories

The 19" equipment cabinet range can be built into an aisle containment system. Cooling efficiency and hence overall energy use efficiency is heavily affected by many factors in the data center. One of the drawbacks of a traditionally-cooled data hall is that the hot and cold air flows leaving and entering the equipment are allowed to mix. Containing the airflows in a data center environment is a vital step towards making the working space more efficient. HUBER+SUHNER offer an aisle containment solution that makes this possible. The design is modular, aesthetically matches the cabinet solutions and can easily be installed and integrated into your data center landscape.


• Metal duo-sync sliding doors
• Perspex viewing windows
• Locking and non-locking options
• Manual type or automatic type with sensor
• Easy to install

• For a standard 1200 mm wide aisle
• The roof panels will be either 600 mm or 800 mm wide
• Perspex panel with metal frame
• Fits directly to the top of the rack
• Perspex panels provide excellent levels of light into the aisle

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