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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo North America 2022
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RESA- The first Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) solution to be part-installed by subscribers

A fixed access network / WAN can extend for many kilometers by utilising aerial, buried, blown or pulled fiber routings that are connected via poles, street cabinets or buried enclosures up to the Building Entry Points (BEP).  

Operators often have many technologies or protocols to connect and provide connectivity to a multitude of services for their subscribers. To do this, scalable solutions are required that can be pre-terminated, spliced, patched, split or multiplexed, whilst being easy to install. The final termination takes place to provide connectivity at the subscribers’ premises. To connect single or multi-family homes in suburban or rural areas, operators and neutral hosts must overcome last mile challenges. These include the coordination of time, resources and costs.  

To support operators in overcoming these challenges, HUBER+SUHNER developed an innovative and proven Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployment method for suburban residential areas. RESA is a modular, easy to install connectivity solution and is the first on the market to enable subscribers to part-install their own fiber as a DIY-style installation (homes connected). RESA is designed to reduce costs, time and resources for operators rolling out FTTH networks, while giving subscribers more convenience and choice. The convenience and flexibility to subscribers will also greatly contribute to operators’ network roll-out business as they can deliver more homes connected in less time and at a lower cost.  

This modular solution is split into two different phases: the street installation, also known as homes passed (see below), and the fiber connection to the house, known as homes connected (see below). For the first phase, operators pre-install part of the solution, which is a buried RESA SC, ensuring a fiber availability for each home passed, underground in the street, at the property boundary. For the second phase, the subscribers have the freedom to install the last few meters of the FTTH connection within their properties by following simple instructions provided by the operator, which consists of a pre-connectorized BEP called RESA BEP, and a factory terminated cable to be deployed within the subscribers’ land. 

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RESA - Accelerating FTTH Rollout in Suburban Areas