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LX.5 portfolio

LX.5 is a high performance connector which meets the highest standards by excellence in design and manufacturing processes. Only high quality and high precision materials are used to guarantee connections at the highest level. HUBER+SUHNER LX.5 products meet the international standards IEC 61754-23 and TIA 604-13 and are naturally RoHS/REACH compliant.

LX.5 accessories

HUBER+SUHNER provides different accessories fitting the LX.5 portfolio.

LX.5 adapters

LX.5 adapters offer laser protection and are available with snap-in or screwed locking mechanism. Because of its SC shape, implementation into existing solutions is very easy.

LX.5 connectors

LX.5 is a high performance connector. It offers the advantage of E-2000™ while needing half of the space and is therefore used in applications, where density is high.