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Indoor cable systems


MASTERLINE Compact is a pre-assembled cable system which is extremely suitable as a patch or connecting cable between two distributor units for short to medium distances:

  • External patch / connecting cable (interconnection
  • As a connection between the main distribution device and transmitters
  • As a connection between the main distribution device and terminal area


MASTERLINE Lite is a low-cost, pre-assembled cable system designed primarily for indoor applications:

  • Building backbone (horizontal wiring)
  • LAN wiring and private networks


The SMARTLINE break-out cable is suitable for shorter link lengths and it is commonly used as a «multi-patch» cable for point-to-point connections in the following areas:

  • Installation inside buildings
  • Data cable in distribution networks
  • For horizontal cabling and collapsed backbones


Do your requirements specify a metal-free internal cable with an optimised outer diameter that combines ideally with multifiber connectors (MTP/MPO) and assemblies, and offers a customisable modular fanout length? Then look no further than SMARTLINE Optipack, which is ideally suited for use as an efficient datacenter rack cabling solution.


Are you looking for a cable system with pre-assembled riser cables (mini-breakouts) that offers optimised diameters and optimum flame propagation, can be used in a protected environment, does not pose any special requirements on the connector in terms of strain relief, and is exclusively designed for indoor applications? Then SMARTLINE Riser is the right cable system for you. It can also be easily and quickly installed.