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Base-12 trunk cables

Base-12 trunk cables

Base-12 Optipack trunks allow users to build 10G links today which can easily be upgraded to 40G or 100G links tomorrow using conversion modules, harnesses or jumpers. This approach will result in a 33 % fiber wastage for 40G links because the transceiver requires only 8 of the 12 fibers in the cable.


• Small outer-diameter for space saving/handling
• Terminated with MTP® connectors for 40G-, 100G applications
• Customer specific cable and fan-out lengths available
• Bend-optimised fiber as standard
• Braided sock as connector protection/pulling aid
• Supplied as an air ring or coiled on particle-free plastic cable spool
• 75 % faster than splicing cables
• Colour coded MTP boots for easy and fast identification
• Metal-free indoor cable with LSFH™