Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo
Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo

The 20th National Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo has become the largest dedicated  wire processing event of the year. Visitors have access to all the equipment, instruments, tools, materials and supplies used in wire & cable harness assemblies, inspection and repair. 

13/5/2020 - 14/5/2020
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WBC – Wall box compact

WBC – Wall box compact


• Wall box for splice to patch or splice through applications built with fiber tray
• Every fiber tray is hinged, thus individually accessible for easy fiber access
• Allows up to 2 fiber trays with up to 36 fibers per tray
• Stackable housing
• Top or bottom cable entry possibilities
• Two cupboard doors with locks and keys
• Loose tube overlength storage
• Smart patch cord over length management
• Bend radius limitation throughout
• Wall-mountable with 3 point fixing
• Robust steel construction
• For indoor applications

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