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Protection Switching

Automatic Protection Switching (APS) provides protection against fiber faults or any other conditions that cause loss or degradation of the optical signal power.

HUBER+SUHNER Polatis APS enabled switches support both manual and fully automated protection switching operation. The manual mode allows remote users or network controllers to switch between working and protection lines. In the automated mode, protection switching is triggered when the optical signal goes outside of user settable high or low threshold alarm levels. After the fault is repaired, automatic reversion back to the working line is done after a stable signal power is detected on the working line.

HUBER+SUHNER Polatis Protection Services Switch (PSS) is preconfigured with dedicated optical splitters and APS software to provide a drop-in automated 1+1 protection switching for up to 16 transmission RX/TX line pairs in a compact 1RU chassis. APS can be deployed on any Polatis switch size and can be configured for 1+1, N:1 and M:N protection switching.

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