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28/8/2019 - 31/8/2019
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Boxes ruggedised

Ruggedised outdoor fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) boxes are often used for remote radio installations. The installation method with boxes is cost effective and offers installation flexibility for mobile network operators. Usually, a multi-fiber riser cable is connected to the mast mounted FTTA distribution box which is then linked to the remote radio heads with short jumper cables.

HUBER+SUHNER offers 4 different sizes of ruggedised outdoor FTTA distribution boxes to enable installations of 3 to 18 remote radios per site. All boxes are equipped with stainless steel mounting brackets for an easy and quick installation to poles, walls and tower legs. A protective vent equalises pressure and prevents water condensation. A multitude of knock-out holes allows flexible cable entry and the use of different cable gland sizes.

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