IANOS® - high-density connectivity system

The IANOS system from HUBER+SUHNER is a state of the art fiber optic management system which facilitates fast, flexible and future-proofed connectivity in the data center. As its name suggests "IANOS" (inspired by the Roman god Janus) looks to the past as well as to the future. This means that "IANOS" is a combination of previous experience and valuable insight into the future.

Data centers are constantly adapting to reflect the demands placed on them, and today's fiber management systems need to accommodate these changes with the minimum amount of cost, time and disruption. As data centers evolve, we see a broad mixture of applications and data rates depending on the location, the business model and of course the data demand. IANOS accommodates these changes by offering the widest range of connectivity scenarios in a single generic platform.

IANOS® modules

IANOS® modules

IANOS modules are interchangeable connectivity blocks that can be inserted into all IANOS chassis. A wide range of different modules is available to cover many different applications such as patching, splicing, transition and conversion.

IANOS® chassis

IANOS® chassis

The IANOS chassis can accommodate 72 LC or MTP® ports in a single 1 U rack space and 288 ports in a 4 U space. Alternatively, you choose the IANOS Lite version which accommodates 48 LC or MTP® ports in a single 1 U space. This extreme packing density reduces the total cost of ownership and allows valuable rack space to be occupied with revenue-generating active equipment.


IANOS® accessories

IANOS® accessories

IANOS is a sophisticated high-density system that creates value in many applications. Accessories help address specific customer needs and expand the IANOS standard offering. The variety of accessories includes cable managers, blind modules and labels to maximise the value of an installation.