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IANOS splice modules

IANOS splice modules

The IANOS splicing module is available as a single or double module. The single module is ideal to accomodate 12 fiber strand cables. It offers excellent handling due to its unique two-layer design. The double module facilitates 24 splices. Both modules support heat-shrink splices or sandwich splices and are suitable for all Optipack 8 and 12-strand cables, while the double module supports also 24-strand cables. The design assures minimum fiber bending radius at any time.


  • Single- or double-size module
  • Splice of up to 24 LC or 12 SC pigtails
  • Support of heat-shrink or sandwich splice protectors
  • Single-mode and multimode configurations
  • Fast splicing and reduced coiling time
  • Quick-fix cable fixation for incoming cables
  • Compatible with all IANOS chassis


  • Termination of fiber optic cables to pigtails with fusion splicing

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