For the first time HUBER+SUHNER will present its fibermanagement solutions at Cisco Live in Barcelona. The Cisco’s annual customer conference is one of the most important events to build the foundation for the digital future.

28/1/2019 - 1/2/2019
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IANOS modules with WDM

IANOS modules with WDM

Colour cube - optical specifications

Operating wavelength range   1444 to 1620 nm
Operating channels C1 - C3 three consecutive CWDM channels out of 1451 to 1611 nm
  pass port

remaining CWDM channels

please note:
Wavelength channels are sequential starting with C1 as the lowest

Optical bandwidth   13 nm
Insertion loss   < 2.0 dB
Isolation adjacent channel > 30 dB
  non-adjacent channel > 40 dB
Return loss   > 45 dB
Directivity   > 50 dB
Polarisation dependent loss   < 0.2 dB
Max. optical power   < 250 mW

Due to diversity ordering information on request 
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Customer Service
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