For the first time HUBER+SUHNER will present its fibermanagement solutions at Cisco Live in Barcelona. The Cisco’s annual customer conference is one of the most important events to build the foundation for the digital future.

28/1/2019 - 1/2/2019
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LISA - splice-patch fiber tray

LISA - splice-patch fiber tray

Both fiber storage areas provide storage space for 1.5 m of fiber each. A central splice bridge which can accommodate either  heat shrink or sandwich splice protectors connects both areas. It can easily be traced by colour and label.



  • Supports LC, SC and E-2000 connectivity
  • Quick installation and easy handling because of a double staged pull-in mechanism
  • Module access completely from the front side
  • Hinge-down fiber tray offers immediate access to internal fibers even during service
  • Side-facing adapter alignment for higher laser safety
  • Pull-out feature with service loop offers immediate access to connectors
  • Patch cords horizontally supported
  • Up to 24 × small form factor (SFF) connectors
  • Incoming fibers and pigtail fibers are stored in separate areas
  • Pigtails pre-stripped to 250 μm for faster splicing

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