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17/9/2019 - 18/9/2019
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Hybrid RRH jumper

Hybrid RRH jumper


• Pre-assembled hybrid jumper with 2 or 4 fibers
• Jumper terminated with vendor approved RRH connectors
• Power cable shielded from end-to-end, easy ground connection inside box and at RRH, no additional grounding kits required
• Ruggedised cable design and cable divider
• "Plug & play" installation – no field termination/wrapping/preparation necessary


Temperature range −40 to +75 °C  
Operating voltage 49 VDC  
Rated voltage 0.6 kV/1 kV  
  Ericsson Alcatel-Lucent
fiber (radio end) FullAXS connector LC duplex connector
Power (radio end) blunt-cut
(compatible to Amphenol power connector)
Fiber (HTTA box) LC duplex connector  
Power (HTTA box) blunt blunt-cut  

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