HUBER+SUHNER Cube Optics has specialised on optical wavelength division multiplexing. We offer all types of optical muxes, ranging from simple Wideband WDM over Coarse WDM to Dense WDM. We are able to combine the different WDM grids and/or cascade several muxes in order to create optimal solutions suitable to each customer’s needs.

We are very much aware, that each customer has a specific background and therefore a unique network architecture. In order to suite individual needs, we have products that are aimed for point to point or ring deployments (OADMs), that mix and match specific lambdas of different grids or use band splitters in order to allocate more than one wavelengths to certain locations.

Most customers will find products in the following pages covering their needs, but we encourage you to give us the chance to come up with a customised solution for your needs.

Customised form factors

So far shown multiplexing functionality can also be integrated into other form factors to accommodate specific customer needs. Those special requirements can be e.g. outdoor enclosures, higher density or a combination of one of functionalities in one mechanical housing.

HUBER+SUHNER Cube Optics has optimised its production and supply chain to accommodate such requirements and being able to deliver also small series of WDM products in accordance with special customer requests within a short period of time.

Network Cube

Splice enclosures

Many of the above shown multiplexing configurations are available in splice enclosures. We provide either the fully assembled enclosure ready for installation or the trays with muxes to be integrated on site in your enclosure. This is available for a wide range of enclosure brands on the market.