• Mobile Network with active DAS-System

    4G LTE-Network in Brazilian Shopping Centre

    The shopping centre RioMar in Fortaleza, Brazil was opened on 29 October 2014 and is fully equipped with an overall mobile network (2G, 3G and 4G) and is used by four network providers. The building was equipped by HUBER+SUHNER with an active DAS-System that enables the coverage of the mobile network inside the shopping centre.
  • A soaring success

    Record-breaking eagle flight enabled by HUBER+SUHNER technology

    The world record attempt by an endangered Imperial Eagle flying from the top of the highest building in the world involved the use of HUBER+SUHNER technology to help record the feat.
  • Major railway project

    Bombardier awards TWINDEXX contract

    Following a successful pilot series, HUBER+SUHNER has officially been awarded the contract to provide the cabling for a total of 59 TWINDEXX Swiss Express double-deck trains with 436 carriages. Bombardier and HUBER+SUHNER signed the five year contract for series production, worth around 26 million Euros in order volume. There is also an option to provide cabling for additional trains.
  • Components for Australia

    Sydney's Waratah trains feature HUBER+SUHNER connections

    In 2006 Downer was awarded the order to build and maintain 78 passenger trains for Sydney Trains. HUBER+SUHNER was selected to supply the cabling. The partnership proved to be a successful one spanning several years across various key locations.  
  • Three technologies in three main markets – worldwide

    Excellence in Connectivity Solutions

    We are a leading global supplier of components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. With headquarters in Switzerland, 25 group companies and numerous agencies in over 60 countries, we are close to our customers. The registered shares of HUBER+SUHNER AG are traded on the Swiss stock exchange SIX in Zürich.
New Microwave catalogue online preview

New Microwave catalogue online

The extended microwave cable and assembly portfolio from HUBER+SUHNER / Astrolab is being introduced in the brand-new microwave cable assemblies catalogue. The 185-page catalogue is a complete resource guide for products, which are used for Aerospace, Defense, Test+Measurement Industrial and Communication applications.

Online version
EMP Protector Tools preview

EMP Protector Tools

The EMP Protector Tool Box has been enhanced with a unique HEMP calculation program and further helpful information. The Tool Box is now split into four sections: HEMP calculation, EMP and GDT selection, and the RF power of most common connector interfaces for lightning protectors.

EMP Protector Tool Box

New products


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