Benefits of connecting homes to fiber faster with RESA CC  

Written by 

Michal Pelikan

Product Manager

The need for high-speed internet is essential in today’s fast-paced digital environment. Network operators require cutting-edge solutions that can lower operational costs while saving vital time and resources required to meet this ever-growing demand. RESA Compact Closure (CC), the latest edition to the RESA family from HUBER+SUHNER offers a unique and flexible modular connectivity solution for an easy fiber installation alternative.

RESA CC is capable of establishing Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connectivity to single family homes. It brings a number of significant benefits to operators and subscribers alike:

Quick and Easy Installation

The RESA installation process has been designed to be carried out in a simple two-step approach: ‘homes passed plus’ and ‘homes connected’. The RESA CC is a smaller, more compact solution and is pre-installed underground by the carrier at a property’s edge. It is then connected to the street cabinet using a duct bundle system.

Subscribers are then given the freedom to choose how and when they finalise their individual installations in the ‘homes connected’ stage, right within the boundaries of their own property. RESA's plug-in functionalities and compact design make it exceptionally easy for subscribers to complete the last few metres themselves or enlist the help of a tradesperson at their convenience.

Cost-Effective Connectivity

With RESA CC, the carrier saves time and money, while the homeowner benefits from a fast and flexible fiber connection. By allowing more homes to be connected in less time and at a lower cost. This technology grants network providers a crucial competitive advantage by enabling them to deploy Fiber to the Home (FTTH) quickly, with digging required only once during the installation process.

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Time and Resource Savings

Traditional civil engineering work for FTTH installations can be an arduous and time-consuming process, involving complex coordination with each homeowner. With RESA CC, the entire street can now be deployed all at once, owing to its compact design. This approach drastically reduces the amount of civil engineering work required and the cost of hiring highly skilled labourers to be splicing at properties up and down the street.

Better Service for Customers

The development of RESA CC marks a new milestone in FTTH plug-in solutions, especially when it comes to improving the subscriber experience. No longer will customers have to experience lengthy coordination discussions and unnecessary digging at their properties; RESA streamlines the connection process to save on time and better protect the cosmetic value of the property. The solution not only satisfies the needs of the customer but helps build a stronger relationship between themselves and the carrier.  With a "less invasive installation" approach, digging in the garden is required only once and is carried out under the owner's instructions, ensuring the preservation of their beloved roses.

RESA CC improves the speed and efficiency of your fiber network rollouts, ultimately providing a better and more responsive service to your customers. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional FTTH installations and embrace the future of high-speed connectivity with HUBER+SUHNER.