Expo Ferroviaria
Expo Ferroviaria
EXPO Ferroviaria涵盖了铁路技术的各个方面。它为机车车辆技术、轨道和基础设施以及信号和通信等主要领域的制造商提供了展示平台。
3/10/2023 - 5/10/2023


Market focus and positioning 

Since January 2021, HUBER+SUHNER changed its organisational structure and orients itself towards the three market segments Industry, Communication and Transportation.

Each of the three market segments is characterised by a strong focus on the respective main market industrial, communication, transportation and is divided into the areas of Sales, Strategy and Business Development, and Technology and Operations. 

In Sales, our teams act according to the presence of our customers and serve them specifically - worldwide. The paths to the customer are short, customer focus and efficiency are high. 

Strategy and Business Development acts as a hinge between customer-oriented and market-oriented Sales on the one hand and Technology and Operations on the other. In addition to marketing and portfolio management, this area also bundles the product range, including all technologies - always with maximum market focus. 

Technology and Operations is responsible for research and development, product management and, in particular, the entire supply chain from planning and operational procurement to manufacturing and logistics. 

Each market segment pursues a clear positioning: 

Industry segment

Connecting challenging and critical applications with reliable solutions, ensuring lifetime data integrity and power transmission – today and beyond. 

HUBER+SUHNER utilises its expertise in electrical and optical connectivity in developing advanced and differentiated solutions for demanding applications in a variety of industrial markets. Customers benefit from a wide range that encompasses components such as cables, connectors, cable assemblies, antennas, lightning protection and resistive components – all of which can be customised to meet specific requirements. 
This comprehensive portfolio features products specifically designed to withstand the extreme environments of space and offshore applications, ensure data integrity and connectivity to safeguard protective forces, guarantee accuracy and repeatability for test and measurement systems, maintain safe-handling in high power electric car charging, provide lifetime data transfer and control for wind energy and industrial automation, and deliver the precision and flexibility necessary for medical applications in improving lives.

Markets served: aerospace and defense, test and measurement, energy, medical, general industrial

Communication segment
Connecting communication systems to a reliable, future-ready physical layer that ensures performance, density and scalability – today and beyond.

HUBER+SUHNER is a strategic partner to the communication market combining deep technical experience with extensive customer intimacy to meet the needs of mobile networks, fixed access networks, data centers and communication equipment manufacturers. Customers benefit from a comprehensive and customisable portfolio of physical layer connectivity products and systems that are based on fiber optic and radio frequency technologies. The offering includes an extensive range of reliable, future-ready applications that pull from solutions including harsh environment connectivity, antenna transmission, residential access, video overlay, bandwidth expansion, cable systems, cable management, hardware interconnection, optical switching and wavelength-selective switching. Each solution is designed and engineered to provide the highest performance, density and scalability.

Markets served: mobile networks, fixed access networks, data centers, communication equipment manufacturers

Segment Transportation 
Connecting rail and road mobility with sustainable solutions that ensure efficient electrical transmission, high-speed data transfer, and autonomous control – today and beyond.

HUBER+SUHNER develops comprehensive and sustainable connectivity solutions for the transportation market by combining three in-house technologies into innovations. The solutions in the Transportation segment address the mobility needs of today and tomorrow in the railway and automotive markets. These needs also include the addition of communication solutions and thus the possibility of being mobile while being connected. The portfolio includes an extensive range of cables, cable assemblies, hybrid cables and cable systems, as well as antennas, radar and connectors. By specialising in polymer compounds using a patented formula developed in-house for high-quality cable insulation, and in combination with electron beam cross-linking technology, low frequency cable products offer competitive advantages of space and weight savings, and long lifetime, even under extreme conditions.

Markets served: railway, automotive (conventional and electric vehicles)


Three technologies from a single source

HUBER+SUHNER is unique in that it combines strong expertise in all three technologies relevant to the transmission of data and energy under a single roof. Combining these technologies is an important factor in the success of our company. When developing customised solutions, our engineers often work closely with customers and support projects as partners and experts from start to finish.

Radio Frequency
HUBER+SUHNER develops and manufactures radio frequency and microwave components and systems for diverse requirements. The wide product range includes all passive components such as cables, connectors, cable assemblies, antennas, lightning protection and resistive components. Profound knowledge of radio frequency and microwave technologies, sophisticated simulation processes and state-of-the-art test methods makes it possible to constantly reduce the size of components, enhance operating frequencies on an ongoing basis and minimise losses in signal quality. The components make up complete systems which meet specific customer requirements in every respect. Thanks to state-of-the-art electroplating processes, sound knowledge of surface coating that is vital when developing innovative radio frequency components has been developed.

Fiber Optics
Fiber optics products manufactured by HUBER+SUHNER are suitable for complex applications with very high data rates. The comprehensive portfolio includes cables, connectors, cable assemblies, cable and distribution systems as well as highly miniaturised wavelength multiplexers. Such products are used, for instance, in especially harsh environmental conditions. Even when installation has to be fast and safe, our pre-assembled, customer-specific systems – including the smallest components and the highest packing density – are the ideal solution. An optimised polishing process developed in-house for fiber optic connectors represents an important basis for the high quality of the optical connectivity technology. Using this process, the highest levels of precision and optimal signal quality can be achieved. 

Low Frequency
The low frequency products manufactured by HUBER+SUHNER are deployed when requirements are particularly challenging. Our wide portfolio here includes single cores, cables, cable assemblies, hybrid cables and cable systems. High vertical integration, high levels of automation and market-specific expertise make it possible to meet a wide variety of customer requirements. Great expertise lies in polymer compounds for high-quality cable insulation which are produced using formulations developed in-house. In conjunction with electron beam cross-linking, this allows to produce extremely space-saving, light and durable cables that perform reliably, even under extreme conditions.