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Sustainability Report

Company Sustainability

in brief

The Swiss company HUBER+SUHNER is specialised in components and system solutions for electrical and optical connectivity that deliver high performance, quality, reliability, and a long service life – even under the toughest of conditions. More than 4500 employees worldwide work in 21 countries and 39 locations to fulfil the HUBER+SUHNER purpose. The global production network includes 14 sites. And through its own sales force complemented by agencies and distributors, HUBER+SUHNER is close to its customers in over 80 countries. Its employees work together, respecting the company’s values of trust, care, passion, transparency and accountability.

We continue to challenge the status quo

CEO Urs Ryffel

Looking back over the past years, I am proud to say that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is gaining traction in our organisation. We remain committed to the United Nations Global Compact and its ten principles. We have set ambitious goals and we are measuring our performance regularly. Now we need to further embed and connect our ambitious CSR and business goals and corresponding results with top management and with every single employee. Therefore, I have set my direct reports individual CSR-related targets going forward which are linked to the variable part of their compensation.

On behalf of the Executive Group Management of HUBER+SUHNER,

Signature Urs Ryffel

Urs Ryffel
Chief Executive Officer

Performance highlights 2021

of scope 1+2
gas emissions



Electricity from


Lost-time injuries
per 1 million
hours worked


Absence rate
due to sickness


Cases of corruption,
bribery, conflict of
interest reported or


459 000

spent on community
involvement and
development projects

Average time to
closure of a customer



sustainable value

At the heart of the business of HUBER+SUHNER lies the aspiration to satisfy some basic human needs such as the abilities to communicate, to be mobile, to feel safe, and to act sustainably. With its innovative connectivity solutions, HUBER+SUHNER helps meet these needs by contributing to reliable communication, ecological mobility, dependable security and responsible business conduct. With its products, the Group improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall value chain and supports innovations that contribute to a more sustainable future.

The goal of HUBER+SUHNER is to be a world leader in the development of connectivity solutions in order to serve its customers by understanding their requirements and needs. The company therefore must detect and align with market trends early and focus on selected markets and growth initiatives to ensure its sustainable development. The company operates alongside its fundamentals, including its purpose, its mission, and its corporate values.

The company’s purpose and mission describe how the vision is achieved. This fundament gives direction and a framework for action to meet a broad spectrum of requirements and address a wide range of expectations.


business model

HUBER+SUHNER creates value in multiple dimensions. The business model shows how the company transforms investments, relationships and resources into valuable outputs and outcomes for its shareholders and other stakeholders over time. The model is centered around the company’s fundamentals with the vision at its core: “Connecting – today and beyond.” The model builds on markets, trends, and the five key stakeholder groups: employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and communities (which neighbour the company’s sites). A fourth circle is wrapped around the three circles of the fundamentals representing the core subject areas of corporate responsibility: human rights, labour practices, the environment, fair operating practices, customer issues, and community involvement and development.

Business Model

Strategic pillars
of sustainability

For HUBER+SUHNER, there are two core aspects of sustainability. First, the company believes that when sustainability is an integral part of business, it drives financial performance, especially in the medium and long terms. With a proactive approach, risks can be reduced, new opportunities may be detected, and the company’s resilience will therefore increase. Second, the importance of evaluating the company’s impacts on its stakeholders, including the environment, has risen in recent years. HUBER+SUHNER expects this trend to continue and strives to provide a comprehensive overview of its impacts, including a stringent and holistic approach towards its undertakings regarding corporate responsibility.

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material topics

Focus topics

  • Sustainable growth
  • Leadership in core markets
  • Operational excellence
  • Leadership in technology and
  • Community involvement and
  • Human rights
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Attractive employer
  • Business ethics
  • Responsible procurement
  • Customer relations
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and
    climate change
  • Resource efficiency

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score card

Sustainable growth in 2021

23% of net sales
from growth

By 2023

>33% of net sales
from growth

Greenhouse gas emissions and climate change

11 500 t CO2-eq in scope 1+2

By 2025

8400 t
CO2-eq in
scope 1+2¹

By 2030

0 t
CO2-eq in
scope 1+2²

Community involvement and development

459 000CHF donated to 104 community involvement and development projects

From 2022 onwards

500 000CHF
The company sets aside at least 0.5 % of the budgeted EBIT or 500 000 CHF3, whichever is higher, for community development projects as a matter of principle
  • Science-based target to support limiting global warming to 1.5 °C: 50 % reduction from 16 800 t CO2-eq in base year 2015
  • After reaching the science-based target in 2025, HUBER+SUHNER aims to further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in scope 1+2. The current ambition is to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030.
  • The funds will be provided from the operating business as well as from the Huber + Suhner Foundation.