Moulding your success

Moulding your success

Precision and micro injection moulding for the automotive market and industry: The broad know-how in technologies enables the mass production of customer-specific, functional and creative injection moulding products. We are constantly developing processes and technologies - with Swiss pioneering spirit and engineering skills as well as a global orientation.

With its modern machinery and consistent processes, HUBER+SUHNER offers unique possibilities for the production of functional, customer-specific small parts with the highest precision.
Competence center
With motivated, well-trained employees, modern machinery and consistent processes, HUBER+SUHNER offers unique opportunities for the manufacturing of functional, customer-specific precision parts.

With our "injection moulding" competence center in Appenzellerland, Switzerland, we are a reliable partner for the mass production of highly complex plastic parts.

Competence center
New, ultra-modern injection moulding systems, combined with the broad know-how of the employees, as well as clear processes enable the production of high-precision plastic parts in large quantities. Concepts, prototypes and series production are always developed in close cooperation with the customer.

Services and Technologies
Our comprehensive services include:

Warp Analysis
  • Virtual simulation of warp and shrinkage tolerance
  • Fiber orientation analysis
  • Reduction of experiments

Reduced cooling analysis
  • Temperature design for tools
  • Reduction of the cooling time
  • Optimisation of mould and part quality

Tool Design Catia V5 R22
  • Measurement and analysis
  • Computer tomography (CT)
  • Parts analysis
Services and Technologies
Micro Injection Moulding
Micro Injection Moulding
Micro Injection Moulding
Integrated removal handling
Micro Injection Moulding
Zero defect production with 100 % inline control

Injection moulding of multi-components

Multi components
Different materials, different functions: The modern multi-component injection moulding machine enables the production of very complex plastic parts. HUBER+SUHNER thus supports a technology trend that creates needs for special, functional plastic parts.

Precision Injection Moulding

Precision Injection Moulding
High tolerances, complex geometries
Our injection moulding plant focuses on the processing of high performance polymeres, thus producing precise molding parts. The modern equipment allows a very economical moulding of inserts or the extraction of sensitive compacts.
Customised solutions can be realised in conjunction with additional know-how such as
  • processing of high-performance materials like PEEK, PEI, LCP, PPS, PSU, PPS, POM and various high-temperature polyamides
  • integrated assembly and fabrication workshops for customer-specific requirements
  • co-ordinate measuring machines for pattern measuring 

Automotive parts

Automotive parts
Since many years HUBER+SUHNER Injection moulding has been a reliable partner for the automotive industry. We support many well-known automotive brands with our high-precision parts like:
  • Bearing cache for steering systems
  • Sliding sleeves for steering systems
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