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Central equipment room

Ensure continuity with smooth fiber upgrades

Secure system continuity by facilitating smooth upgrades and transitions to a fiber-based IP network.

The central equipment room is the heart of your broadcasting facility and needs to work without a glitch. With fiber-optic solutions from HUBER+SUHNER, you will accomplish a seamless and continuous transition to fiber – without impacting the performance of your broadcasting operations. 

A small footprint that safely scales

With a modular fiber-optic layer compatible with existing and rising technologies, you will be able to scale your operations quickly. Meanwhile, you can keep a small footprint with high-density solutions, including space-efficient chassis and small-diameter cables. 

Seamless continuity

Our long-lasting, structured approach enables efficient manual maintenance through clear labelling, excellent port identification and intuitive handling. In addition, a wide range of high-quality connectivity options offers outstanding optical performance and fast initial fiber provisioning. 

Additionally, our solutions can be quickly deployed with 10–400 GbE links with a wide range of Base-8, 12 and 24 systems.

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Structured cabling
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The ODF patching guide quickly provides the recommended as well as alternative lengths and routes of patch cords required to connect different chassis within one or multiple racks.

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) Patching Guide

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