From DC to 110 GHz: Introducing SUCOTEST 110 cable assemblies

Written by 

Daniel Ulmer

Product Manager, 

IND RF Product Management Cable Connectivity

For several years, HUBER+SUHNER has been a trusted partner in the Test and Measurement industry, delivering a wide range of supremely flexible and rugged RF cable assemblies with excellent amplitude and phase stability, particularly with our SUCOFLEX portfolio. 

Indeed, SUCOFLEX® assemblies guarantee the highest level of satisfaction with a unique cable and connector design that deliver the best phase and amplitude stability versus flexure, movement, temperature and tensile stress, with outstanding return and insertion loss up to 70 GHz.

HUBER+SUHNER SUCOTEST™ 110 cable assemblies

The all-new flexible, armoured SUCOTEST™ 110 assemblies we’ve launched this month are the next piece in the puzzle, addressing a growing demand for high quality assembly solutions at this higher frequency range of up to 110 GHz. 

These high-quality test assemblies ensure improved system reliability, precise and repeatable measurements, longer service life and reduced equipment downtime for the Test and Measurement industry.

With superior levels of phase and amplitude stability maintained with excellent return loss, even when subjected to bending, SUCOTEST 110 is an ideal solution for high-density and modular test setups.

Key features of SUCOTEST 110 microwave cable assemblies

  • Dependable electrical performance up to 110 GHz
  • Excellent amplitude and phase stability with flexure, crush and torque resistance
  • Superior return loss 
  • Rugged construction for extended service life 
  • Stock assemblies available in 6, 12, and 18-inch lengths, with male and female 1.0 mm connectors

With a complete range of solutions from DC to 110 GHz, our test leads are ideal for bench top testing, RF production and module testing, High speed digital testing (HSDT) and for use with automated test equipment. 

Short delivery time

High mechanical and stable electrical performance

Excellent price performance ratio

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