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Bring your network closer to your customers with our structured distribution point solutions

Outdoor distribution points for the fixed access network must be easy to access and manage. Ideally, these locations are situated as close as possible to end users in order to efficiently provide access and connectivity. Therefore, distribution points are often located in uncontrolled outdoor environments and thus exposed to high humidity and temperature changes. 

With our high-density Fiber Management System (FMS) solutions for outdoor distribution point connectivity, you can install compact, durable and resistant setups directly into outdoor cabinets. 

Our modular solutions allow for smooth installation through plug-and-play and facilitate incremental upgrades of your system. 

Our solutions are suitable for different street cabinet layouts and installation practices as well as edge data centers. We offer you a safe and reliable way to bring your network closer to your customers, keeping them always connected to their favorite services and at the maximum bandwidth. 

We also deliver solutions for edge data center

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