Fixed Access Network


Equip your buildings with our easy-to-install and discreet solutions

When installing in-building infrastructure in residences and commercial buildings, it is essential to choose high-quality cabling and equipment that is both long-lasting and highly discreet. At the same time, it must comply with local regulations and be covered by a limited budget. 

Our solutions are quick to install and offer a close to invisible aesthetic. They are applicable both inside buildings as well as along outside walls and are compliant to local fire and safety regulations. They boast a small footprint and low-bend optical fiber quality

When equipping buildings with HUBER+SUHNER solutions, you benefit from intuitive products that speed up the installation and save cost. You will gain a future-ready infrastructure that brings invisible and self-installing connectivity to users. 

Our solutions for in-building

Indoor connectivity
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Bandwidth expansion for fixed access network
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We make transceivers work

Benefit from our highly reliable transceivers in your system. Visit our new transceiver explorer today to view our comprehensive portfolio of transceivers.

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