Fixed Access Network

Wavelength multiplexing

Stack and transport data services with our wavelength multiplexing solutions

With elevated cost for leasing fiber, service providers and neutral hosts need smart and cost-effective ways to maximise the number of services per fiber.

Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) with passive optical multiplexers combines numerous services over a single fiber link. On top of this, our Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (OADM) provide optical access points for intermediate nodes.

Combined with our media converters, the end point equipment is connected to the WDM and OADM modules regardless the media or interface. Therefore, the end point equipment does not need to be set up for WDM transport and requires no special transceivers or colour mapping

At HUBER+SUHNER, we also offer transceivers, fully compatible with numerous brands and thoroughly tested to work within your specific setup.  

Our solutions for wavelength multiplexing

Indoor connectivity
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Bandwidth expansion for fixed access network
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We make transceivers work

Benefit from our highly reliable transceivers in your system. Visit our new transceiver explorer today to view our comprehensive portfolio of transceivers.

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