Fixed Access Network

Metro/Core network

Interconnect your central offices with reliable and service-aggregated optical links

Maintaining a reliable and accessible fixed access network means establishing strong interconnectivity between your central offices and the metro and core networks that link data centers and other service providers together. A high-quality, reliable and compatible system must be put in place to ensure constant accessibility

Our bandwidth expansion solutions make it possible to stack services independently, maximise the number of services per link and increase the data rate. All this is based on Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) in combination with our transceivers.

Our metro and core connectivity portfolio includes pre-cabling solutions that enable you to prepare your fiber infrastructure for future needs. After the basic installation, you can maximise the capacity of your physical infrastructure over time without affecting ongoing services.

The portfolio includes a wide variety of high-quality transceivers, connectors and cables, compatible with all major Fiber Management System (FMS) solutions. 

Together with the POLATISĀ® optical circuit switching technology, our portfolio supports you in establishing redundant, efficient, and software-driven zero-touch connectivity that minimises downtime and sets your core and metro network up for growing customer expectations. 

Our solutions for metro/core network

Indoor connectivity
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Bandwidth expansion for fixed access network
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We also deliver solutions for data centers

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We make transceivers work

Benefit from our highly reliable transceivers in your system. Visit our new transceiver explorer today to view our comprehensive portfolio of transceivers.

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