NGR 1500 mm wide

NGR 1500 mm wide

The NGR 1500 is designed particularly to address the needs of the colocation applications within the data center market for managing passive optical components with physical separation (clear demarcation points) between the customer and provider side. The rack is especially designed for LISA Double Access applications with up to 1620 ports (3240 fibers) using LC connectivity and 1080 ports (25 920 fibers) using MTP® connectivity. Within the Double Access rack, only one patch cord length (3.5 m) is required to reach each port. For attached Double Access racks, a calculation tool helps to determine the required patch cord length across cabinets.  

The NGR 1500 has an integrated and easily accessible, intuitive patch/trunk cable management system, with defined routing for patch and trunk/breakout cable lengths within the rack.


  • Only 300 mm deep and fully accessible from the front
  • C-shaped frame with 19” rear mounting rails for installation-friendly access from the front
  • Standard build offers up to 1620 ports (3240 fibers) using LC connectivity and 1080 ports (25 920 fibers) using MTP® connectivity
  • Only one patch cord length (3.5 m) required to patch any port to any port within the rack
  • Simple patch cord routing with clear cord paths for excellent traceability
  • Clear demarcation point between incoming and outgoing connectivity
  • Top, bottom or rear cable entry with large apertures for all cable types, sizes and quantities
  • 3-rack design (600 / 300 / 600 mm) for ease of transportation, on-site handling and installation
  • Doors can be locked separately to provide/restrict access to the connections according to access rights
  • Quick-release doors and side panels for baying racks together side by side (tool-free)
  • Removable back-panel section for baying racks together back to back
  • Mount against an unused wall or at the end of row
  • LISA Double Access with splice (BEP) and preterminated (rack area and DC area)


  • Meet-Me Room (MMR)
  • Central equipment room